Back to School
August 22 - September 28, 2017

First day of school

Heading down our backyard

Tasting some grapes along the way

Shortcut to school

Full with excitement

Extreme excitement :)

Philip is at least smiling

Peter lights up when he meets his old friends

2nd graders ready to start

Peter in Room 7 with Mrs Hilty

Philip is front of his classroom

We have half an hour to spend

Opening the special packet from Mrs Doyle

Enjoying the playground

A familiar place

And now ready to go in

The parents also invited for the first hour

We made a necklace together

And colored

Raise your hands if you had fun

Philip in Kindergarten

With his big buddy Caden

Peter and Tanner are big buddies for Charlie

Red day

Getting signatures from all the classmates

Peter's 2nd grade class

Another day walking to school




Family collage for Peter

Math charts for Peter - our household electricity consumption

Brown Bear crowns on rainbow day

Our street unfer construction

Afternoon bike ride with the boys

To check out the construction equipment

Big machines

Sunglasses taped on :-)

Ready for more riding

Peter rolling down

Sun setting

Costumed boys on a morning

Stormtrooper suit from Sean

Walking the long way to school

Peter's family crest

Tall construction by Peter and Tamara

Philip at a birthday party

Nickolas turning 6

Fun in a gym in Lafayette

Party favor play

Fun together at Mama and Tata

Only us at the (cold) pool


Walnut festival

Cylinder balance

Cotton candy

Stroll through the fair

School assembly 2nd graders performing

Kindergarteners in the first row

Tae kwon do for Peter


Great moves