Bodega Bay
May 26 - 29, 2017

Our long weekend rental

Kings of the RV park

Peter after dinner at a small locale

Philip almost done


Walking back home


On the deck


Loves to read

Sunny room

The local pier

Peter in the marina

Local coast explorers

Great walking trails

And beaches to explore

Rocks to climb

Little man

Climber brothers

Mini Bryce canyon

Mommy with some extra jackets


Afternoon ice cream

One is out at dinner

Completely out

Peter ringing a bell

Enjoying some riddles

Peter's big dog came with us

Philip sleeping

Peter snuggling with Papa

Next morning at the coast


And climbers

Our own private beach

Great for exploring

Papa can't stop climbing

And taking the boys

To higher levels

Some assistance required

Climbing down

Barefoot climber

He doesn't seem to mind

Getting slippery

What else can we do

Some martial arts with mommy

Enjoying an apple

Peter building a fort

Fighting with pappy

Let's attack him

He is fighting back

Peter bravely heading back up - barefoot again


Healthy diet :-)

Sandy (and windy) beach dunes

Sand slide

Long sand slide

Construction workers

Getting their feet wet

Windy and cool

Tall grass

Another Bodega Bay beach


Hungry boys

Colorful fish - restaurantt art

Evening entertainment

Morning entertainment

Overcast last morning

Beach art - a big happy face


Star fish