Body Boarding in Pacifica
September 24, 2017

Are we going in?

Yes, we are!

Cautious at first

Let's see how it is

Here comes a good wave

Let's ride it out

Whoo hoo!

Now they can't stop

Going in for more

And more

And more

Really enjoying it

Mommy in too




And more fun

Great shots with Pappy's new iPhone

Now Pappy in too

Without a wetsuit


No problem

The fun continues

A quick snack

Then in for more

Nice waves

Getting good at it

A beautiful day

Very good idea from Pappy to do this

Loving water is in their genes

Something in common to all of us

Mommy in again

Without a board

Beached :)

Little man not cold at all :-)

Surfer in the making

Finally stopped

To warm up and refuel