December 24 - December 25, 2017

Ready to leave to Mama and Tata

A picture with Papa

We did not manage a full family picture

On our way

First Philip is out

Then Peter

At Mama and Tata in Walnut Creek

We brought a Yule Log cake

From Masse's in Berkeley

Peter woke up too

Watching something with Papa

Champagne time


The first of many courses

And finally, Christmas time!

Opening the presents, one at a time

Interactive globe


Geogprahy lessons

Yes, Star wars lego!

And many more presents

The boys helping

More legos

Tata resting after a full day of cooking

Wine for Papa

What is in there?

Cars for Peter and Philip

And more cars

Let's try them

Obstacle course

Tamara has magical gift wrapping talent

A beautiful album for us

And for Mama and Tata

The boys helping Tamara open her present

What can this huge box be?

A maci bear!

My favorite! Thank you, Santa!

It's bigger than my dog :-(

Back home in the evening

Christmas morning

Happy Birthday, Tamara!

A chestnut cake from Masse's

More presents under the tree

The boys busy building their spaceships

Papa helping

Playing with the remote controlled cars

Baking erasers

Special gifts for MaPa (Mama and Papa)

A gift Peter made in school

Nice picture and hand-made frame

A medal for Papa because he is #1

The Schultz Brothers book store is open for business

Back to legos

Philip's ship is done

What? Even more presents?

Nerf gun from uncle Simon (we just need to figure out how it works)

Coloring books from Oma and Opa

And legos from uncle Stefan

My favorite legos

How do I build the space ship?

Peter helping

Hours of fun

In the evening, building the set from uncle Simon

Philip still playing with the storm trooper legos

Merry Christmas!