December Fun
December 3 - December 24, 2017

Looks like it snowed!

Santa arrived!

With lots of presents and nametags and all

Pictures on Santa's lap

Everyone wants a turn

Me too

Dancing around to Alexa playing Uptown Funk

Jumping around


Christmas tree shopping

Got a nice one

Very happy with it

Some more dancing

December in Orinda

They look like it's nothing to it

Cruising around in 12C water

Papa quickly out after making some waves

Mommy comfortably sitting it out in the hot tub

Love you to the end of the universe and back

Evening lights

A(nother) gingerbread masterpiece

Philip helping with dinner

Dessert time

Can't get enough of telling Alexa what to play

Mommy in Seattle

Afternoon walk downtown

Space Needle

Winter scene

Colorful pop museum and playground

Book authors


Baking with Tamara

Beautiful presentation

Science experiments

With water too

Playing (space)ship

Little piggies getting cleaned

Image from Papa's new toy

Walking to school

Philip's kindergarten

Gingerbread house activity

With his friend Mac

Mommy volunteering

Onto the 2nd graders open house

Peter's class built an amazing community

Peter's house with a zipline

Santa's Workshop

Creative kids

Lots of collaboration to put it all together

Peter took many pictures

Memento from Philip's kindergarten year

Philip Star of the Week book

Art wall

Peter biking with Papa in Orinda

Helping Mama and Tata with their Christmas tree

Lights go up

Little man watching

Happy trio

Sunday mormimg storm trooper and Kyle Ran

Sunny day in Alameda

Philip with Papa on the beach, Peter biking, Mommy running

Looking for treatures after Zoli's big birthday brunch

Finding a jelly fish

Close up

Another hot tub day at home

Another belt earned at Tae Kwon Do



A picture

Ice ring in Walnut Creek

Peter and Tamara

Philip with Mommy

Peter with Mommy

Tata taking a picture (Mama also there)

Hot chocolate after

In the park with Peter while Philip is with the grandparents

Chabot Science Center with Peter

Mercury Spacecraft

Peter at the controls

Hands-on experiments

A favorite place, worth of a family membership

Playtime after

Bath time

Getting clean for Christmas

Christmas day morning

Playing nicely for hours