Donner Lake
July 1 - July 4, 2017

The grandparents up at Donner Lake with the kids

Our house for the July 4th weekend

Mommy and Pappy also arrived (Mommy back from London)

Kids' room

Starting our hike of the day

Creek crossing

Oma and Opa

Kids running to the first snow patch

Yay, snow!

Rare snow in July

Donner Lake view

Even more snow

Making snowballs and snowmen

Sliding down

Beautiful scenery

On top of the old train tunnel


Out again

A great hiking choice



Peter and Mommy walked over the tunnel

Snack stop on the ridge

Little man

Big brother

We keep climbing

They are climber boys

More fun in the snow

Sliding down to Donner Ski Ranch

To meet Oma and Opa who walked there through a tunnel

A great choice for lunch (down the lake is totally crowded)


Happy Birthday to Oma!


The kids built a stone turtle in the shade

Heading back

Over the rocks

Someone reluctant to get in the picture :-)

Peter the photographer


Oma and Opa

Mommy back at the cabin

Another day, another remote hike

Oma at the first lake

Little man

The brothers with Oma


Philip leading us

Passing another lake

And another one

More walking on the snow

Until we reach our destination

A beautiful remote lake

Happy boys

We can finally stop

And try to get in

Cold at the beginning

Pappy in

Mommy in

Philip in

Mommy and Pappy heading to the island

They made it

Oma and Opa

In the alpine mountain lake

Pappy back

The kids and Mommmy walked barefoot to the island

Passed some snow in swim suits


And cold

Warming up their feet in the 'warm' snowmelt creek

Pappy brought us our shoes

Race to Oma and Opa who also joined


Getting some energy before heading back

Last patch of snow

Leaning in

Passing the lakes again

Peter carrying a log for a while (he remembered we had to cross some creeks)

Almost back

Crossing #1

Building bridge #2

Second crossing

Back at the car

Done for the day :)