Easter, Science, and Soccer
April 14 - May 5, 2017

Peter loves coloring Easter eggs

The resuls

Tata at home in Walnut Creek

The kids love the sandbox

Imola with Tata

And Philip too

Easter Sunday morning at home

Sometimes they like each other :)

Let's start the egg hunt

Where should we look

What? In the lemon tree

Happy egg hunters

Counting the treasures

Sampling them

On the way to the grandparents

Even more egg hunting

They are hiding everywhere

The hosts

Lots of food

Rainy afternoon

Back home

Peter is a great biker these days

On the monkey bars before Philip's soccer game

Maybe I will just watch from here

At the end, we convinced him

Go Philip

Gardeners back at home

Pappy ready for the ice cold pool


Deep cleaning

Another type of deep cleaning

Foam face


Walking Peter to school

Peter in the school garden


And harvesting snow peas


Class field trip at Lawrence Hall of Science

Making circuits

Class photo on the whale

Making potion at home

Baby tooth out

Picnic with Mommy

Homegrown strawberries

And tomatoes

Rainbow from the sprinkler mist

Peter at Genentech exploring science

Making bouncy balls

Take your sons and daughters to work day

Dry ice


Jeff Vinokur, the dancing scientist

Saturday fun at the Adventure Playground

Very Berkeley

Great for the kids

You can build and paint

And sit

And hang

And hit yourself on a bumpy slide

And zipline

Back with Philip on Sunday after soccer

Well-earned ice cream

Ducks in our pool