September 25 - October 10, 2017

Surprize birthday gift from Sabrina

Walking to school on our newply paved road


Grapes ripe

Baked apples with cinnamon

Cake in the making

Car cleaning

Biking in Walnut Creek

At the grandparents

Nice and flat

Swinging in the park


Peter in action

Philip's class in their tie-dyed shorts

Mommy chaperoned them to a pumpkin patch

Philip and kindergarten friends

Clayton Valley pumpkin patch

Learning all about pumpkins

In line for a maze

And out

Where milk comes from

Trying it

Grinding corn

Picking a pumpkin to take home

Peter and Cooper

Mrs Doyle class picture

A final fun in the maze after lunch

Getting tired in the sun

Home with his pumpkin

Making grape juice

Sean sleeping over

Sunday breakfast

With Mama and Tata at the Claremont

To celebrate Mama's birthday

Peter and Sean



Mama and Tata

Starting to eat

Already done

Mama with the grandkids

Pappy with them

Wirh Philip

Tata again


On our way to SF

Watching the air show over the Bay Bridge

Pretty cool

Hiking at Twin Peaks

To catch the best spot

A different view then from the usual Crissy Field

Much broader

And quieter

Blue Angels

Getting tired

One last look

Philip and Mommy back at the car already

Making more grape juice back home

Reading in the evening

Reading in the morning