First Grade Done
June 11, 2017

August 2016 to June 2017

Ideas for stories for the year

All about Peter

What he loved in first grade

Trip to the SF Symphony

All excited :-)

Observing the orchestra

Field trip to the Oakland zoo

That seemed more exciting

Guest lecture in room 18

Peter's favorite class was art

A few pieces from his portfolio

Pretty artistic

Definitely more artistic than the parents


Giraffe, the class mascot

Fun with words

More fun crafts


First grade book of poems

About Earth - it is super awesome

The color red - with illustration

A fruit poem

His writing portfolio


April - Hawaii vacation (we rented a house on a beach... saw turtle.. air was hot... sun was hot. ate shaved ice cream. passion fruit was favorite)

About president Jefferson

Thank you letter for mom

Lots of doodles amid the writing - they were not supposed but he loved doing that

Earth day


Facts about Peter

A map

The story of a super socks

Research about bats

Different ways of counting 57

Another pretty work

Magic Tree House series

Makers Faire at Sleepy Hollow School

All sorts of great science experiments

Coding robots

Smoothing wood with sandpaper

And other works

In the school garden

Fresh salad they grew

Open classroom visit

A super fun room 18 with Mrs Schultz

Correspondence with Mrs Schultz

Ready for second grade