Kauai I
March 30 - April 2, 2017

Kauai, here we come

The movie is more exciting

Than the scenery for the boys

Lihue airport

A walk on the beach

Brennecke beach

Right across from our rental house in Poipu

Poipu beach



An early morning walk at 6:00am



Many one lane bridges

On our way to the North end of the island

The beach we were aiming for was closed for high winds

This dry cave was our highlight

The boys had to be separated - luckily we had a big enough rental

We found our own private beach

With no lifeguard to tell us what (not) to do

Beautiful shore

Us two

Us four

Peter found something to build on

He loves to construct

Looking for more building material

That's my house


Nice secluded houses

A river to play in

Papa and sons the builders

Watch out

A log raft

A crab shell Peter found

Rafting on the river

That log was too heavy to move

Philip also busy

Helping Peter build

Then resting

Hanalei bay after lunch ice cream treat

Messy boy

Princeville lookout

Little prince in Princeville


Arrival back to Poipu

Evening walk

Moon over the palms

Early morning walk

Roosters and chicken everywhere


Philip on a manicured resort lawn

Barefeet back on the beach

Just in time for breakfast

Our little rental house very conveniently located

Peter coloring

Back on Poipu beach

Very shallow

Brennecke beach

Also called Breakneack beach

High surf

Pretty powerful waves

But these boys are brave

They just want to go in

Philip with Papa

Peter body surfing by himself

Goggle fixing

Time for a short break

To dig in the sand

For hours

And hours

Papa our from a swim (or fight with the waves?)

Watching the waves

Look at that ginormous one

In a big hole

Yes, that's deep

Another nice day ends

Papa reading in the evening

Koloa downtown

West Popiu

Blow hole

Island breakfast

Followed by another morning walk

A honu - Hawaiian green sea turtle

Crashing waves

How close do you want to get

As close as you can, I want to get wet

Philip is happy he got wet!

Still watching

Peter more cautious


Resting with Mommy on a hard lava rock bench

Garden island scenery

Back on the beach

Paradise for the boys

Afternoon walk in Poipu

At some expensive resorts

Looking for an arch from our tourbook

Found lots of interesting rocks

And splashing waves

With rainbows

And sea salt in the cracks

But no arches

Beautiful view at the end of a dirt road

And a path to a cave

The cave entrance closed

So we follow the river

Where it meets the ocean

And walk back to the car