Kauai II
April 3 - April 4, 2017

Waimea Canyon early in the morning

Lookout point

Mommy and Pappy

Red rocks

Family picture


The Waimea (red water) river below

The parking lot at the very end of the road

The start of our hike

Our photographer Peter

Beautiful Napali coast

Only accessible via foot

Plane, helicopter, or boat

We chose foot today


Peter on the edge

It's very steep...

Stay on the trail, please

Perfect weather

Misty valley

Sunshine through the trees

Nice and shady trail

Snack stop

In the jungle

Continuing on

The trail got steep

And muddy

We made it to the lookout point

Some muddier

Than others

Really steep down

Time for another snack

This kept little man going

Feeling much better

The clouds dissipating

We would like to do the 11 mile coastal hike one day

Philip leading the way back

On red rocks and dust

A spider in his net

Almost back

The last climb

After lunch at Polihale beach

At the West end of Kauai

After a bumpy dirt road ride

Really hot sand

And no shade

But the boys could not care less

They just love the sand

And the water with Pappy

Crystal clear water

Mommy in Peter's hot tub

Going for a cool off

The boys having fun

Lots of fun

Really funny

Totally done on the drive back

After dinner stroll

Back in Poipu

A honu resting

And a Hawaiian monk seal

Both protected from people

Philip in the sunset

Peter jammin in his Tshirt from Mama and Tata

Another day ends

6am pajama walk to catch a plane to Waimea Canyon (ask Philip for the story)

We found tracks instead

Another honu on the beach

And a rooster claiming his park

The plane left without us - we looked too long at the honu

Waves at Brenneck beach after breakfast

Done after lunch

Peter caught a baby lizard inside

Afternoon at Gillin's beach next to the cave

Mommy in with Philip

The boys talking

Mommy resting

The boys building

A sombrero hill

Philip helping

Looks nice

Looking even better

The photographer

Philip in with Pappy

Mommy getting up

To cool down in the water

Peter enjoying his castle

Final play

Mommy out

The boys out

Another crab shell Peter found on the way home

Another Honu at Poipu