Kauai IV
April 7 - April 9, 2017

On the East part of the island

Nice and shady trail

Our destination: the Sleeping Giant


First vista point

Getting warmer

And steeper

These boys need shade

And food

More uphill in the sun

North island view

A picture worth a thousand words

This is how far we made it

Two or three sweets?

Three because the heat :-)

Downhill is always faster

Wailua falls

Lush valley

Lunch in Kapaa


Sword fight

On the local beach in Kapaa

Only boys in

Playing nicely

Papa also in

To enjoy the waves

Another nap on the way back to Poipu

Evening in Poipu with moon

Us four

A pleasant stroll

Monkeys on a tree


Over plams

And the ocean

With Billie, the local boy

Riding waves on Saturday morning

On Brennecke beach

Water boys

A great ride

Little man getting ready

Good job!

Getting back in

For the next one

And the next one

One last one

Then on to surfing

Philip on Papa

Another great morning

Peter gone to the beach with Papa

Philip and Mama up after an afternoon nap

Team red

The best ice cream in town

Philip in again

The last sand castle of this vacation

Mommy's last swim

Seen lots of fishes

Caryying Philip out from the rocky area

Another turtel on the beach

Heading in while Peter stays out more with Pappy

Sunset from our house

Sunrise stroll

Others are also up early

Monk seal

Last picture of our beach

At Kauai airport

Bye bye Kauai

Stop in Honolulu

On the way back

What a nice vacation