Lake Tahoe 1
December 26 - December 29, 2017

Arriving our rental house on Pinion Pine in Incline Village

With a treadmill in the living room

The boys' bedroom

Ours with a huge closet for Philip/Mom to sleep in :-)

Evening exercise

Peter getting hot

Philip's turn

Evening chess with Dan

With Sean in the morning


The boys having a great time together


Card games

Already lunch time

Out at the lakeshore

To explore

And play

Back at thouse

Playing doctor with Maia

The robotics team

Sean and Christof totally committed

Peter taking turns between the team and Philip's movie

The car is built! Almost three hours of focus and patience

Team Robotics - and Maia

Goldfish kids

Movie time

French toast breakfast by Eileen

Morning drop off for the first ski day

Philip done

Peter done

Mommy checking in Philip for his private lesson

Ready to go

Eileen and the big boys picking up the ski school tickets for the boys

Practice run with Eileen

Nice control

Smooth getting in line

By themselves on the ski lift

Ready for the first full day of ski school

The parents out for a hike across the sledding hill

Through a nice forest

And very mild weather

Cross country terrain

Hiking trail

Going up

Up and up

Until we reached a lake view

Continuing on the ridge

For an even better view

Back at 1pm to pick up little man

Omm, says the wise little man over a big bowl of pasta

The first of many potions

Quiet afternoon

Back at the slopes with Papa

Big boys back from skil school at 4pm

Great job!

Watching Peppa Pig with Maia


And movies

Out on the newly discovered sledding track

Eileen and Imola catching up

The boys way ahead

A bit of a walk but much safer sledding than our usual spot

Philip down



Peter and Sean down

Walking up

Down again

And up

Who needs gloves?

Let's go again

Pappy with Philip

Snack break

Then four dinosaurs appeared out from the woods

And they wanted to sled

Here they go

The parents

Time to head back

The boys played really well

Mommy pulling them

They are getting heavy

Philip relaxing at home

Pizza dinner

Well-deserved dessert

Yumm vanilla ice cream

Movie night again