Lake Tahoe 2
December 30 - January 1, 2018

On the slopes again

Another full day of ski school

For Sean and Peter

Imola reading to Maia and Philip

Out for a snow ball fight

Here is a perfect one

There comes Maia

Ready to play

Let's get Jane


The parents hiking again

It looked very steep to me

Gotta keep going

Even in snow

Do we ever stop? I am so tired...

Not yet, not yet

Beautiful view

We made it to a top

Christof still full with energy

Going down to get the kids from ski school

Philip done

And so are the big boys

Two boys and a clown

They still wanted to practice

On the bunny hill after a full day out

Christof the ski lift

Sean happy

Philip too

Ready to go back home

Funny hairdo after having the helmet on all day

Movie time. Again.

Chess lessons from Jane


Reading time

On the slopes again

The big boys really excited

All ready

To go ski with Eileen and Christof

Lakeview lift

Maia and Philip relaxing at home

Lakeview snack

Enjoying the view

And the snacks

Happy faces

Eileen and Sean

Christof and Peter

Lunch at the lodge

In the meantime, Philip completed his third provate lesson

On the skil lift with Papa

Ready to show off his new skills

A sprite

And a giant cookie as a reward for his perseverance

And he is not done yet

Everyone wants one more ride to the top

Philip too

Big boys are first to ski down

All the skiers back

With snow effect now

New Year's Eve appetizers

Balloons for the kids

David, the balloon meister

Can we have one too?

Friends (and steaks for the kids done)

Smiling for the ballons and the food

More food, please

Resting a bit

Watching the home movies

David with Maia

Modern kids

Confetti time

Collecting balloons

Enjoying a nice ice cream dessert

Another round of chess :-)

Enjoying watching themselves real time

Happy New Year, Children!

One last movie night in 2017

The parents can now have dinner

Happy New Year!

Mashed potatoes (and steak and greens and other delicious food)