Lassen 1
August 14 - August 16, 2017

Our wonderful home for the week in Shingletown

Playing ball in the backyard

Having fun on the playstructure

Swinging high

More ball

Star Wars math

Peter got into sports this time around

Watch out, here it comes

Good catch

A very pleasant house

With lots of wisdom


Walk around Manzanita lake

A mandatory feeding stop


Mommy and Peter


Reaching higher

Getting help down

More fun

Pappy too

And Mommy

Mt Lassen in the background

Ice cream after lunch at the camp store

Lassen from another angle

Volcano rocks loop trail

Peter enjoying the warm rocks while Philip waits with Tamara at the car

King's creek

Shingletown reservoir

All natural ice cream :)

Red dragonlfy in the backyard

Philip just learned how to bike!

Big brother Peter coming back from a bike ride

Yummy snacks

More natural

Let's go bike again

He can't get enough now

Dinner preparations

Hungry bunch

We discovered s'mores

Marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers


Collecting fire wood

Serious discussion

Snow! In August

Fun, fun, fun

A short hike

To cold bubbling lake

Nice but slightly short of expectations

So we kept going to the highest point

Mt Lassen trailhead

More snow to play in

They could spend hours

And hours

They can never get enough of it

Still lots of snow

Us four

Lake Helen

My favorite

Emerald lake

Brothers after lunch at the other end of the park

Sulphur works

Smells like rotten eggs here

Back to lake Helen

Posing with Tamara

Us four

Us two in sync

Crystal clear

Enjoying the lovely ice creams again :)

Back on the bikes again


And even more s'mores

Lots of firewood this time

When you need to stop the fire...