Lassen 2
August 17 - August 20, 2017

Dirt road biking - several miles

A break

At a local lake

Heading home with Pappy

Front porch visitors

Getting warm

Solution found

Having lots of fun

No one can escape the sprinkler

Some actually enjoyed it

What time is it?

Yes, s'mores time again

Perfecting it


Trail closed, no problem

Starting on the Bumpass Hell trail

We gave it a try despite a 'Trail Closed - Do Not Cross' sign

So far so good

Beautiful scenery

Reaching the snow, walking carefully

Spotting our destination

Wasn't too bad

We made it

No one else around

Us four

Enjoying the experience

Boiling and


Hiker boys

We decided to do a longer trail - Tamara went back to get the car and met us at the other end

We need to feed them

The snow patches kept them motivated

Couldn't stop taking pictures

Shady trail

Meadowy trail

Lots of flowers

Some lakes

A rest stop

Mossy trail

Back down after a 5+ mile hike

Shingletown reservoir with the bikes

Mommy running this time with the biker boys

Reaching an abandoned cabin

Used to be nice

Pappy's investment property for retirement

Lunch in Red Bluff

Shasta Caverns playground

Down to catch the ferry to the cave

Waiting for the boat

Here we go

Big bear scratching Peter's back in the visitor center

Inside the cave

Only through guided tours

Pretty big with lots of formations (Santa Claus, saber tooth tiger)

Us four

Back in the visitor center

An ice cream in the heat

Fun in the car

With the new hats and sunglasses

Coloring back at the house

Peter in some of his new gear

Super man sighting