Lassen 3
August 14 - August 21, 2017

Going for another hike

We are ambitious :-)

Going up

Nice creeks

Stream crossings

A waterfall along the way

Reaching King's Creek Falls

A snack break

King's Creek below us

Family on the bridge

Heading up the hills

Climbing on boulders

A first lake - not quite swimmable

Kept going - via a shortcut - to the next lake

Pappy in

Tamara out

The boys building a harbor

Philip on Pappy

Exploring around the lake

Pappy went higher up

While the boys played and Mommy swam in the lake

Pappy perfecting their kayak

Lunch on the rocks

Shortcut back

Through the forest

Meeting up with the official trail

Back to King's creek

Mommy with flowers from Philip

A dragonfly on Peter's new hat

Philip needed help the last uphill

Good job everyone!

Back at the house

For the final marshmallow roasting

Tamara dressed up against the mosquitos

Seems like this boy likes it

And this one too

And Pappy too

Silly boys in the morning

Heading out for a bike ride

To see the solar eclipse

It is starting

I can see it with these super glasses

Mommy ran with them again

Let's get back to the house

To see it even better

Sharper shadows

The sun getting smaller



Without glasses

With glasses

Eclipse complete, starting our long drive home

A mini golf stop in Fairfield

Where is Peter's ball?


Water fun in the heat

Seatbelts buckled

The race is on

Mommy and Peter leading

Pappy and Philip got a slow car

A nice vacation with family rules we can live by