More with Oma and Opa
July 4 - July 16, 2017

Getting ready for the summer evening

A drive to Moraga

To watch the fireworks

Happy July 4th!

Home with the new power washer

Car wash

Good job

Papa with his toy

Mama with the boys

Cozy evening on the deck

German grandparents hosting the Hungarian ones

Peter loves shrimp

Passed out on the trampoline

Opa the tickle monster

Visiting papa in Hercules

Mexican lunch

Pool party

Oma in the center

Jumping in


Out again...

Playing with papa

Fun afternoon

Pancake morning

Getting ready to leave

To Stinson beach

Digging holes

Building in the sand

Oma and Opa

At a different angle

The fog slowly lifting


Tamara has a strong hand


The boys busy having fun

And getting dirty

Dinner at home

Last weekend on the deck