November 4 - November 29, 2017

Philip painting nicely

Our gingerbread turkey did not quite come out like the one on the picture

Nevertheless, it was delicious

Another bite

Fun weekend morning activity

Inspiration point trail

To burn off the sugar

Great biker

A rest stop already?

Philip at a lookout point

Offroading before turning back with Pappy

Peter biked and Mommy ran close to four miles

A stop along the way home

Leaf rain

At a local bridge closed to traffic

Mommy on a plane again to London

Kids walking to school


Double rainbow

Dinner out with Peter

Fondue in Berkeley

While Philip is with the grandparents


Costco shopping

Sleepy Hollow weekend soccer

And exercise

Walking again

Enjoying the little rain

Philip's field trip to the pumpkin patch

Mommy shaperoned his class

Philip Darth Maul in the school Halloween parade

Fun in school

Thanksgiving songs in Mrs Doyle's kindergarten class

Pajama day with Mommy in

With a friend

Peter's 2nd grade class

Stone soup celebration

Mommy volunteered

Peter putting tomatoes in the stone soup

Thanksgiving activities

Turkey puzzle


Delicious! Can we make this at home, Peter asked?

Peter thankful for his little brother Philip

Peter and Pappy hiking the local hills


Hiking higher up

Big landslide took down a big pole

They built a new one

Reward for the hike

In the pool again :-)

Hot and cold pool

Peter on the baby balance bike

Playing nicely

Down in the play house

In the Corvette with Pappy

Sweeping at the grandparents

Philip in his new elegant suit

Tae-kwon-do poses

With Santa, thanks to the grandparents

Playing nicely in his room


With Herbie in front of the movie theater (watched Coco with Pappy)

Philip playing super hero with Mommy at home

Back home together

A newt in our pool

Pappy in Vegas


Peter in City Hall in Orinda

Interviewing the Director of Engineering