Pacific Grove
November 19 - November 21, 2017

Arriving Marina beach Sunday afternoon

Heading straight to the ocean

A favorite place



And fun

Can't resist the water

Loving it

A spot known for handgliders

Today's handgliders

Peter's fort

Time to go to our motel in Pacific Grove

Asilomar beach

Decorated sea urchin


So much to see

Little hiker

Mommy heading for a run while the boys explore

A beautiful day

Exhaused in the evening

A captivating movie

Warming up

Morning in Monterey

Papa out with the boys

Letting Mommy do some conference calls

Mommy happy she didn't see this cliff edge pose :-)

Lover's point

Cloudy morning

Another shot Mommy was happy to miss

Excitement on their faces :-)

They need an energy boost

The big tank

Scary fish

Dark tank

Barnacle legs

Waiting for a bat ray

Here he comes

Waiting for the tide

Here it comes

A favorite spot in the Aquarium

Enjoying the touching pool

Looking out

After lunch biking from the motel to Asilomar beach

Another beuatiful day

A very pleasant beach (minus some flies)

A rare big squid (has a beak and claws on one tentacle)

Exploring more

Enjoying every moment

Back to the ocean


And out

And in again

With Pappy

With Mommy

Mommy before leaning in for a dip


Nice waves


A sand wall going up

The fort taking shape

Bringing water

Mommy brought a jelly fish to them

Feels funny

It does

Back in

With Pappy

Philip and Mommy playing (space)ship on a tree

The commander

While Peter bikes with Pappy along the coast

Another morning

Another trip to Monterey

Pappy and the boys


And glowing fish

Enjoying the annual pass to the Aquarium

Afternoon playing around our motel in Pacific Grove

One last visit to Asilomar

One last dip

Sun setting

Boys playing

A great three day pre-Thanksgiving vacation