Peter is 8
October 11 - October 16, 2017

Early morning on October 11th

Enjoying the first gifts on his actual birthday

Red sun from serious fires in Napa

Japanese birthday dinner

One tooth fewer :-)

Still smoky skies the day before the birthday party

Saturday morning was nice

With Tamara

In the play room

Ready for the guests

Here they are

This is going to be fun

Adventure down in the backyard

Philip ready

The others too

For the Mad Science Show


By the science experiments

Tata also watching

Peter demonstrating

What's in that flask?

How did it disappear?

Something burns

But only the outside

Let's try the one with the dry ice

Tastes funny

Can we touch it?

Me too

Getting in line

For the final slime experiment


Peter, Philip, Tanner and Derek

Mixing and mixing


Playing in the front

Lots to explore

Finally ...

... ready for


Peter's favorite


Now to the presents

Everyone wants Peter to open their presents

Lots of great ones

Peter very happy

The living room

Down to three

Lots more fun with Sean

Including pooltime

Cold and fun

Lots of action still in them

Going back inside

Peter and Mommy

Playing one of the games

Kite flying

Great kites from Mama and Tata

Really enjoying it

Trying to fly them


Pappy out

To help with the big kite


Ready to fly

Yoo hoo

Star Student notes

From Peter's class mates

A great day

Sun setting

More kite flying

Can't stop

Looking at the videos

Happy birthday, Peter!