Philip Turns 5
August 13 & 16, 2017

Pre-birthday celebration at Mama and Tata

Peter helps Philip unwrap his presents

Books, transformers, transformer pajamas

Catapult book for Peter

Transformer backpack and superhero costumes

Birthday boy with Mama and Tata

Captain America

The catapult built


Spider man - thank you Eni for the many presents!

The catapult works

Happy 5th Birthday, Philip!

Candles out

Taking them off

Thank you Tata and Mama!

August 16 in Lassen

More presents

Peter helps again


Legos and sticker book from Tamara

Coloring books from Oma and Opa

Garbage truck

Toy corner

Afternoon celebration with the cake from Mama and Tata

The kids are exercising

Finally they joned the table

Our big little superhero 'transforming the world tomorrow'