Sailing and Adventure Playground
July 16 - July 30, 2017

A great day in the Berkeley marina

On Dan's boat

Sean taking the crew out

Philip and papa

Peter at the helm

Looking around

Now Philip

With Tamara

Enjoying it

Brothers having fun

Going down the cabin

Back up

Then then grandparents turn

The boys on the Adventure Playground

A unique place

Only in Berkeley

A stranded boat

Three boys in the boat

The big boys ziplining

Philip busy himself


Tamara helping

Well-deserved ice creams

Back in action


On the wheel

Back and forth

Up and


Another balancing act

Back at the zipline


Christof helping them

Making a chair

All busy boys

The chair is done

Little man happy too

Another weekend at the Berkeley marina

Sailing with Dan

Sean and Peter hoisting the sail

Ready to leave the marina

Philip with papa

Sean driving

Peter observing

Next is Peter's turn

Then Philip

Happy captain

Sleepy crewmember

Clear weather

Kite festival in Berkeley