Spring around Home
February 23 - March 29, 2017

Philip with a butterfly that Theresa helped make

Playing at home nicely

Tall grass

Walking Peter to school

Peter at his first ever chess tournament

Showing off his medal with Chocolate

The giraffe mascot from his first grade

Philip at Avery's birthday party

In Oakland at a creative art center

At the sand bar

Treasure chest decorating

Silly glasses with Ethan

At Mama and Tata in Walnut Creek

Peter on the baby bike

Biking in Orinda

To the Miner Rd sinkhole

Big equipment - standing idle

Walking to meet Mommy coming home from work

Dr Seuss week in Peter's school

Peter the star student of the week

Silly hat day

Unlocked the magic box

'What do you want to be when you grow up' day

Snow in Orinda

A rare sight

Ice skating

Making snow balls

March in Orinda

A giant puzzle pieced together

Evening cartoons

NIce and quiet (we did not do it :-)

Ice cold pool

The kids are brave

The hot tub is not quite hot...

Picnic with Mommy

Evening stroll in Berkeley

Our latest choice for dining out

Waiting for food

In a Thai restaurant on Telegraph

WIth an open patio

Making faces

Being silly

Walking some more

To a bakery close to the campus

Experimenting at home

Papa busy with his latest toy

Looking at the stars

Rosette Nebula (~4 hr imaging time over two nights)

Peter's class in the garden

Weeding, drawing

Eating fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden

Sunday morning in Marin

A hike at Muir beach

Split rock

Nice view

Local flower

Restroom stop

Playing on the beach

Hello new world

Bye bye old one :-)

A suprise visit from Christof's cousin


Going to Pier 39 with her

Japanese lunch

With trainer chopsticks


Magic show after

With cotton candy

And chocolate-dipped apples