Summer Camps
July-August, 2017

Art camp in Orinda

Peter's favorite subject

Water colors

And 3d collages

And wood art at home on the karate boards

Philip also busy

Graduated preschool

Words of wisdom from Mrs Katherine

Medieval knights camp in Orinda

Peter with Michael

At Lawrence Hall of Science

Science and Sports camp


Chromatography basics

Fingerprint fundamentals

He enjoyed the sports too

Including the swimming

Much better than last year's experience...

Busy at the home driving range

Schultz brothers' store is open for business

Redwood park hike

Wanted to fish

Found a trickle of water after miles of hiking in the heat

Doing their best

To catch fish

Exhausting hike

Back home refreshing in the pool

The boys a found a bat hanging to the poolside and papa rescued it

NIcely coloring with Tamara at home

In the Orinda park

Secret trails

Sliding down

On the main playground

Train ride in the Orinda hardware store

Tamara taking them there

And treating them to ice cream

Someone 'fell' in the pool with their clothes on

Our garden expanded this year



Two apples survived

Camp Galileo closing ceremony

With Mama and Tata

With Tamara

Mommy also made it from work

Naked Philip with his African safari theme creations

Giraffe, crocodile, bird and


Taking it for a test ride

Testing the walkie talkies

More of Peter's art

The Berkeley bear's shoe box home

Safari snake scene featured at the the Galileo closing ceremony

Halloween costume solved

Sunny vineyard

Lots of grapes

Still sour

Frontyard play

Philip getting hot

Backyard mud fun

Lafayette reservoir with the grandparents and Tamara

Monkey one

Monkey two

Evening at home with mom