November 23, 2017

It's that time of the year again

Preparations the evening before

Measuring the ingredients for the brine

Pouring them in

Mixing it

Reward for their contributions

Breakfast at the kids table

The first turkey ready for the oven

Making side dishes

The boys wanted a table for Maia, Philip and Peter

Nametags for everyone

The table is set

Playing with Tamara before the guests arrive


Imola with her parents

The hosts


Hot tub

And freezing pool time

Several brave souls

Run to the hot tub

A bit better

The next one is in

Yes, it is freezing

No problem


Getting ready

Dinner time

Ready to start

Big boys

Friends and family

So nice to have everyone

We missed Javier and Henrik

Dessert time

The best whipped cream

Delicate delicacies

Tamara serving little man


Happy kids