The Bear's Lair - Camp Gold 1
August 5 - August 8, 2017

Settled in at Cabin 24

A matching game

To start our Lair vacation

The boys down at the creek

An endless source of fun

Look what I found

A frog

And many more throughout the week...

Back up to lunch

Down at the meadow

For all sorts of games

Peter did really well at throwing - won lots of bracelets



Philip fishing

Great job!

Green ice cream

Philip playing

The parents taking a break



Our first bike up to Dodge Ridge

Much easier with our own bikes than the rentals last year

A stop at Pinecreast lake on our way back

Very pretty up here

The kids at the cabin

At the playground

Afternoon at the lodge

Playing Apples to Apples

At the cabin in the morning

What do we do today

Getting ready for camp

Tamara walking them to the 6&7s group

While we had another great bike ride

Much longer this time

With a hike to a viewpoint

At Pinecrest lake in the afternoon

Sean and Peter

Snacking while mom swims

Going kayaking

Dan and Sean

Papa with the boys

Having fun

On a paddleboat

Change in crew

The women's turn now

Hard to navigate it...

Dan and Peter coming in

Well-earned ice cream

Picnic table

Back at the cabin

After dinner play

Basketball tonight

Great shots


Movie night in the dining hall

Tennis for the adults