The Bear's Lair - Camp Gold 2
August 9 - August 12, 2017

Another day, another hike

Philip with mama and papa

Climber macko

Beautiful Sierra scenery

With snow

Our peak for the day

While papa hiked higher up


Peter at archery with Sean



And another round of tennis



Evening at the stage

Watching a show

The boys down at the creek again

Making new friends

And finding fool's gold

Philip snacking at the cabin :-)

Ice cream again ??

And other sweet treats

Peter wanted to do archery again

And had a small accident walking into an arrow on the bail...

Waiting at the nurse's office while Peter is getting patched

Mama and papa went for a hike

Started at Pinecrest lake

Went up to Catfish lake

A tepee

Another lake

Only met three people on this hidden trail

Getting back down

Papa playing volleyball

Philip and mama watching

Getting ready for another trip to the lake

Philip and papa in

Peter playing on the shore

He cannot get his patched eyes wet

A kayak adventure with papa

Great times on the lake

Ice cream at the end

The boys with Eileen

Last evening show


Saturday morning

One last walk around camp

The boys earned lots of 'treasures' for all the trash they picked up

Bruised bear

The boys

Us all